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The Easy Way to Notarize, Deliver, or File Your Papers in the Napa Valley. We can meet you at your home, work, or a public place. Available daytime, late, and weekends, call/text 707-880-5093 or book online!
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FAQ, Terms & Conditions

why use Go Paperworks?

It's all about making it easy for you to get your papers Notarized, Delivered, or Filed.

MOBILE NOTARY PUBLIC: We go to your office, home, hotel, retirement home, assisted living, hospital, jail, etc. Even if your business has an in-house Notary Public, sometimes it’s great to have a mobile Notary Public come and help with the extra workload.

DOCUMENT DELIVERY: Does your firm need to deliver documents to a satellite office, a client, or a business partner? We pick up documents from any person or business and deliver wherever you want in the Napa Valley, like a paperwork courier!

DOCUMENT FILING: We will pick up your documents and file them with the Napa Courthouse, the Napa County Recorder, or even the Napa Sheriff’s Dept.

But enough about us, let’s talk about you: whether you have a business or just need personal documents handled, you need a mobile service that takes care of your papers so you can focus on your job and life!

  • Get your price and book your appointment online, on your phone, or just call/text/email us

  • With our online booking you see your price before you book your appointment.

  • We can come to your home, work, or even a public place like a coffee shop. We come to Assisted Living and Retirement homes, or even the Dept of Corrections for incarcerated individuals.

  • Founded by a Napa resident of 30 years, working in our community as a long time business owner. Your local Mobile Notary Public is ready for you!